Posted by: duncanrust | November 11, 2007

Diapers: Fetish, Regression or Submissive

For those who love to wear diapers, his love can go 3 ways:

  1. Fetishism
    This is how much you are attracted to diapers on their own. How the feel, smell, crinkle, how they look. Someone who would like diapers strictly from a fetish side would only need diapers (and maybe plastic pants) to for fill their needs.
  2. Humiliation (Submisive BDSM Feeligns)
    Although I have read diapers being used more or less from a pure convenience point by people who like prolonged bondage (more then a few hours), In the BDSM scene, hey are mostly used for humiliation.
  3. Regression (Infantilism)
    This is about using diapers and other babyish items to get yourself in a regressive mindset (eg feel and act younger). In his younger state of mind, you are able to let go of your worries and responsibility, especially if there is someone else to take care of you.

These 3 points are not mutual exclusive. Rather Most people I know have a mix of all 3 elements. Some are clearly drawn towards only 1 or 2 of these points. There are also people exclusively liking just one of the 3 corners. Most of them are those who like regression.

AB DL AP Graph
Adult Baby / Diaperlover / BDSM Graph*


  1. I put diaper loving in the middle of the Caring / Humiliation axis, as it is not oriented in going one direction or an other (though I have observed most people being diaper lovers leaning more towards the caring side)
  2. I Put the Humiliation in the middle of physical and psychological orientation, as this is a clear aspect of BDSM, and bdrm is not per definition about physical sexual fulfillment (though many people lean towards this)
  3. This graph does say only somethign about the mix of feelings between the 3 corners, not about how strong each of these feelings is in absolute terms. (Someone who incorporates diapers and BDSM into his real life on a daily bases might have more need to the regressive side then someone who only wants to be regressed once a blue Monday.)

Where am I ?
Well clearly, I am a mix of all 3, like most into this kind of sexuality. I have a need for regression, but also have strong BDSM feeligns. But it is also clear that the diaper on its own is for me very powerful. I thin if you take the lines of the triangle as absolute lines, you could place me here:

Somewhat more submisive then regressive
Somewhat more fetishist then regressive




  1. I guess my own red dot on that map wouldn’t be that far away from yours 🙂

  2. […] for childish items The easiest way it to look at infantilism (see also my previous post). Diapers are one of the most common fetishes within the ageplay community, but any thing that is […]

  3. pretty disgusting isn’t it?

  4. If you find it disgusting, that is your good right no one is forcing you to participate in it, read my blog, or see this. If you search for it, then of course you will find it.

    If you would ask me about what is disgusting, I would not have too look further then your blog.

    To be honest i am not sure if your blog is meant to be for real, or if i is some weird bad form of satire. Both I don’t think i speaks for you in any way.

    If your blog is in earnest, I would see you are a mis informed, ignorant person, who clearly wants to force his own morality upon others, Somehow thinking hat if there is a god, he would need you to speak for him. How self indulgent is that?

    If your blog is satire, I would rather see you as a sadistic person who feeds on emotional pain caused in others. Personally, I would even dislike this idea more.

    Yes, I think I see people as you as the source of hared in he world, and that does sadden me. Because no mater what religion you are: acceptance and love should be the words, not rejection and hate, like you seem to preach.

  5. […] View-British Baptists-The Anti AB/DL Movement On-Line” has found my blog. In my entry “Diapers: Fetish, Regression or Submissive” someone calling himself “Pastor Joshua” has left an entry Pastor Joshiua, on […]

  6. I was wondering if the demand from people who wanted to be treated like babies/infants was matched by the amount of people willing to give care? Im 23 male and a qualified childcarer, would be really interested in caring for someone who enjoyed regression. How do I go about finding someone who needs caring?

    • Dear Lee,

      Did you meet anyone you could do this with.

      You sound so nice.

      Love Lily

  7. The demand for a caregiver is higher then the supply of caregivers, that is sure. However like in other sexual diversities, what some one exactly likes or not likes is quite different. I would cringe at the thought of caning, but i bet some of the people i know will find that thought very arousing.

    Most people will hang out in BDSM locations or on specific sites as

  8. i love to wear diapers, to pee and poop in them. i would love to have a daddy to take care of me to change me when needed.

  9. My husband has a diaper fetish. I can’t understand or support it (probably because I don’t understand it). We have a 7 1/2 month old daughter and I get a little concerned for her well being. I love him a lot and I fear that this might be the one thing that ends up tearing apart our marrage. It concerns me that he only seems to want to have sex with me the morning after he wears a diaper and actually wets it on some occasions. I don’t know what to do or how cope with my issues with his fetish. Maybe someone else with this fetish might be able to help me out with some insight into this since my husband says he can’t understand it either. I just get annoyed that he likes to look at pictures of grown women in diapers too. Also he tries to get me to participate in this fetish and I can’t as soon as he tries to put me in a diaper I get totally turned off.. SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE. I don’t want my marrage to fall apart…

    • read the add below from curious it works

    • Your daughter is totally fine.

  10. Your blog was really interesting.
    Looking at the graph I would say I was quite near your own red dot, but it was so interesting seeing it written like that,and so disappointing to see it written that there are fewer caregivers than there are people like me needing it, I do know that already from personal experience, but how sad to have it confirmed.
    Your blog was really interesting though, I doubt I will get to do this again so now I just settle for reading about it.

  11. I feel so frustrated having nobody to role play this with, especially the humiliation.

    • always nice to chat

  12. concernedwife585
    I am a dl and i would’nt see this as a problem at all ,So long as it just that and you have sex otherwise without the diapers its probablly not anything to worry about .As far as your daughter does he treat her ? .I would’nt be alarmed though diaper fetishes are just that nothing pedophilic about it ,I would talk to him about this and ask him more before being alarmed about it though . Check out for more 🙂 hope this helps !

  13. i cured my husband of his fetish made him wear diapers 24/7 both cloth with plastic pants and disposal i took all of him underware away made him wear them all the time sometimes i would diaper him and try to embarress him when we was alone calling him my big baby when i diapered him made him wear noisy plastic pants when he was away from home or work it took about 6 weeks before he got over itnow he only wears them when i let him good luck

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