Posted by: duncanrust | December 28, 2007

Update on Second Life

Well at he moment I am completely focused upon building my new home in second life. Once i am focused, time seems o go unbelievable fast, even for Second life Standards.

I stared with making a plywood structure out of primes, and placed them with 0.001 meters of precision. The basic idea of the house, like my old home in Manduca, is inspired on a design someone else made. I loved that house too, and even bought it, but it did not fit my needs completely.  As you might know, I am very, very picky on what suff i put on my propery. I want it to look as good as possible.

I hate 10 meter all houses, with steps that would make you need to buy a mountaineers outfit in real life to conquer.  Yet I do have to compromise, as he default camera angle does not work well in 2.30 meter tall rooms, so I settle, usually for 5 meter all rooms.

Anyway thee house sructure is made although not in is final place yet. Now i have to replace Lindens Plywood design with something more desirable for a home.

Texturing, by all means is even more a detail focused job then putting the primes together. I bough for over  L$ 10.000 worth of textures. About my month worth of SL allowance. *chuckles* Bu I refuse to settle for less. I need full prime textures, as i need o make custom textures for each wall.  Along the way, I am learning a lot about transparency, layers, and seamless titling. I knew about that already, but these are quite advances courses. And when i am done texturing (Will take a few days or weeks, depending on how focused i can be), I will start a advance course fo scripting, o be able to get all the details working.

My house will be as perfect as I can make it.

Call me obsessive.. I just want a place where i can feel at home



  1. Your house is looking good Duncan, even in it’s plywood form. I don’t think anybody who knows you would expect anything less than perfection as far as your texturing goes.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the final results – both textures and scripts.


    PS. Love the breakable windows 😉

  2. Looks already really cool, Duncan. But breakable windows? I hope you ban Scribbles and Joeylyn and some other tiny critters! .:giggles:.

  3. Well I do not believe in spanking real kids, but I can see the advantages of a steady hand and a hard wooden brush on Second Life avatars (or rather on the persons-behind-it’s behind.

  4. wow, i can’t take a break for a day and not miss something 🙂 I guess i better log on and come take a look!
    cya soon,

  5. Yeah well… when I looked last, I think those breakable windows were gone. Hehe… good thing ‘cuz you know it would be impossible to resist breaking those windows, even if it was by accident.

    I guess Scribs will have to make sure that JoeyLyn owns a pair of bionic shoes.

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